What is PowerPoint Live?

What is PowerPoint Live

What is PowerPoint Live?  In a recent update to Microsoft Teams that adds support for in-meeting sharing experiences and integration with PowerPoint Live, Microsoft Teams now adds support for live slide translation, making it easy for users to translate slide content during live presentations.

Microsoft Ignite conference opened the door to a variety of exciting updates to support future work. One of those new offerings was the intriguing PowerPoint Live.

PowerPoint Live is designed to support audiences and their presenters, creating a richer experience for sharing content.

A new way to share content as Teams

Microsoft Teams’ PowerPoint Live solution supports presenters in delivering dynamic content in a more professional manner. This service is now generally available and can be used directly in Teams. Simply start your Teams meeting as usual and select a file in the dedicated section of Teams Shared Content to unlock all the benefits of PowerPoint Live.

  • The PowerPoint Live feature takes advantage of the new Shared Content functionality coming to Teams, which will enable companies to share knowledge more seamlessly in their collaborative environments.PowerPoint Live features include.
  • Complete control over content As a presenter, you get a custom view to see all your notes, chat, and audience in the same panel view. Your audience can only see the active slides, so you can more easily keep track of your presentation. There’s even a thumbnail bar to tell you what the next slide is.
  • Seamless transitions. If you share content with your co-presenters, they can easily “control” and access the presenter view when appropriate. You can easily share control between presenters, so you don’t have to worry about fumbling to hand over control to the next presenter.
  • Moderator mode. Presenter mode is a new feature that lets you change the way content and video feeds are displayed to your audience. You can place yourself in the presentation to ensure that viewers don’t have to switch their attention between the video and the slides. This feature will be available soon.
    Engaging Audience Experience

The PowerPoint Live solution in Teams gives presenters more power in the way they deliver information through Teams. Attendees also have the option to adjust what they see, navigate through slides at their own pace, and increase the size of fonts. You can create interactive presentations to engage your audience, as well as use videos and hyperlinks.

The addition of real-time reactions in team meetings also ensures that participants share their feelings about a particular slide or the entire presentation in real time. This helps make meetings more inclusive while maintaining as positive a tone as possible.

PowerPoint Live also supports a high-performance viewing experience that matches your audience. Whether your attendees are participating on an 8k display or a smartphone, they’ll get a presentation optimized for your screen that includes smooth transitions, crisp graphics, and great animations. Even attendees without the best network connections can enjoy the experience.

Best of all, PowerPoint Live allows attendees to access shared content through screen readers or use high-contrast versions to make information easier to consume.

PowerPoint Live takes presentations from the Microsoft team to a whole new level.

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