Tips on PPT Color Matching

There are a lot of friends interested in PPT love is like to see about PPT design tutorials, and for not PPT design tutorials are deaf, in fact, the real PPT is outside the PPT. I’m not saying this to show you more pretend bility, but it is. If you don’t believe me, please look at the following article.

This is a beautiful color photography, giving the feeling of delicate, bright, pure. But in fact, if you analyze it with a color picker, you’ll find that the dominant color you analyze is not necessarily a bright color or a pure pink. Color matching is a really amazing thing ~~ and for PPT color matching is even more so… …


Some small words about PPT color matching

To really understand the meaning of PPT color match, let’s start with PS color match


Meaning of HSB (called HSL in PPT)

HSB is a more intuitive color pattern that USES hue, saturation, and brightness to differentiate colors.

H is for hue (determine if your color is red, orange, yellow, green or cyan, from 0 to 360, as a cycle, similar to the expression for color cycle)

S stands for saturation (the less the color, the greyer it is, the color is pure gray when the value is 0)

B is for brightness (the more the color, the darker it is; the value is 100, the color is white)


If expressed in watercolor, S is the effect of adding white to the primary color, and B is the effect of adding black to the primary color. It can be described as, add white to reduce the saturation S, add black to reduce the brightness of B. In the beginning, whether it is painting watercolor or designing, when adding some light and shadow effects, it is easy to add white to remove black in the bright part, and black to remove white in the dark part.


However, the effect produced in this way is not rich in color, dull, serious will lead to dirty picture, or too powder.

The light part, the side of the object that is illuminated by the light, and the dark part, the side corresponding to the light surface, do not say that the bright part refers to the white part, and the dark part refers to the black part

In fact, in everyday life, under the influence of various kinds of light, you have little chance to see the original color of objects. Natural color is just a convenient expression.


In the UI world, however, light and shadow relationships need to be simplified, sometimes by creating a natural color for your work.

Most ambient light is not going to be pure white, so most of the light is not going to be pure natural color + white, and likewise, the dark is not going to be plain natural color + black, you need to visually make that part light up or dark down.


If say the color that lets a person feel bright most, it is the lemon yellow that is delicate and edible

There was a great teacher in college who taught us that when you highlight things, you can try adding lemon yellow. This sentence can be used not only in painting, but also in design.

This is the only teacher who failed my course in college, and he is still a good teacher after a long time out of the society.

Open the photoshop color picker and click on the dot at “1” above to enter the color palette with hue (H) as the main reference. Drag up and down “2” at the small triangle, you can easily and intuitively change the color (H) attribute “3” is lemon yellow position about PPT color matching tips

Move the triangle a little toward lemon yellow, and adjust the brightness and saturation.

Move in the opposite direction to lemon yellow, while adjusting the brightness and saturation, which make up the color of the dark part

Note that you need to make a circle to look at the direction of the lemon. The direction closest to the lemon yellow is the color you want to choose.


In this way, the color will be more rich, full color, zizhi shine

Water impermanence, soldiers impermanence, how to match colors well, only with more just know, and can not rely on the explanation to become a god. This is just a very basic skill, or is to correct a small problem in the color matching, so that the people who encounter this kind of problem less take a little detour, but specific problems need to be specific analysis, not necessarily all occasions are applicable to this skill, or please follow your feelings!

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