How to Embed a Video and Media in a PPT

How to Embed a Video and Media in a PPT

PowerPoint allows for the insertion of audio, movies, pictures and web pages by using a variety of different media. Different types of media have different requirements for importing and adding them to PowerPoint. This article will provide information on how to use these different types of media as well as share a few tips!

In this quick tip, we’ll show you how to use the same media formats that you find in online sources such as newspapers, magazines, and online blogs in PowerPoint.

To do this, open a new presentation and select the slide you want to use. Click on the Format tab and then click on the Media button. From here, you can select any of the media formats that you find online. For example, you can use images from a magazine to accompany your text.

How to Insert Audio Files in PowerPoint

To add audio files in PowerPoint, follow these steps:

1. Open the presentation you want to add the audio to.
2. Click the slide with the audio you want to insert.
3. Select the Insert tab (in the Text group on the Home tab).
4. In the Clipboard section, click Audio File.
5. Choose a file from your computer or online library to add to your slide.
6. Select Start Playing to hear the audio in your presentation.

How to Insert Movies in PowerPoint in Presentations

In order to insert a movie into your PowerPoint presentation, you first need to find the movie file. You can find the movie file on your computer, or you can purchase it online. Once you have the movie file, you can import it into PowerPoint using one of these methods:

• Drag and drop the file into PowerPoint directly.

• Click the Open button on the Media section of the Insert tab and then select the movie file.

• Use the File menu to open the File Selection dialog box and then select the movie file.

To insert a movie in a presentation, you will first need to install the Movie Maker app on your computer. After you have installed the app, open PowerPoint and click on the File tab. Next, click on the Options button and select the Media Format menu. Next, choose Movie from the list and click on the Insert button.

After you have inserted the movie, you can either view it in fullscreen mode or use the scaling features to make it small or large. You can also add sound effects and music to your movie if you want.

How to Insert Pictures in PowerPoint

To insert a picture into a PowerPoint presentation, you first need to find the file that you want to use. If the picture is stored on your computer, you can simply go to the location where the picture is stored and select it. Otherwise, you’ll need to find a way to get the picture onto your computer.

One way to get pictures onto your computer is to use a PDF reader. When you open a PDF file, PowerPoint includes instructions for inserting images into slides. Just follow these instructions to insert the picture into your slide.

Another way to get pictures onto your computer is through an external scanner. Simply attach the scanner to your computer and put the slides in the scanner. Then, open the slides in PowerPoint and insert the picture using the Insert tab > Picture > From Scanner option.

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