Green Style Christmas PPT Theme

Christmas PPT Theme

This is a set of green style Christmas presentation PPT template. Total 20 pages.

The PPT template uses green watercolor brush strokes and white snowflakes as the background image. white Merry Christmas art words are placed in the middle of the PPT cover, and reindeer and Christmas trees are used to embellish the bottom. The interface style is fresh and elegant.

PowerPoint template content page, illustrated by Santa Claus illustration, Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, Christmas gifts, Christmas activities, etc., with Chinese and English Christmas introduction layout.

Christmas introduction PPT content brief

December 25 each year, is the day Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus, known as Christmas.

Christmas is the holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Although it is a religious holiday , many modern customs and practices associated with it were carried over from other festivals-some religious , some not. What follows is a little background , history and development of the American Christmas celebration.

ORIGIN Of Christmas

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem signaled the fulfillment of a long awaited promise that God would send someone , his personal representative, to remove the negative effects of personal evil in the world . Jesus was that representative. Thus his arrival on the human scene , announced by a night sky full of angels ( Luke2:9-14), was good news.

In A.D. 336 the of Christ’s birth,obviously trying to reorient the holiday for Christians.When the Empire split between east and west,the church in the east(Eastern Orthodox)recognized January 6th as the celebration date.In many countries January 6th is still honored as the “official”birth date of Chist.The time between December 25th and January 6th forms what has become known as the “12Days of Christmas.”

CONTENT Of Christmas

Christmas tree.Christmas carols.Santa Claus.Christmas dinner.

The specifics of family Christmas celebrations can have as many variations as there are families.Typically families will open presents either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.Members may open them at the same time , one at a time, or have some other type of family tradition.Many Christian families will have a birthday cake for Jesus,and sing”Happy Birthday “to Him,in keeping with American birthday celebrations.Christmas is a season where humanity says”Thank you”for God’s love by sharing it with and showing it to others.

For many Chineses,Christmas mean a time for joy and fun rather than a religious event.It’s popular with the young people and they are excited about shopping,eating ,dating and having parties and holding Christmas eve festivity.And of course,Children are eager to receive gifts from Santa Claus.

It’s a good opportunity for restaurants,hotels and stores promote their products or services,so these places have been beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and ornament.Of course,it is also a good chance to futher promote service or products online through search engine optimization and marketing.Many hotels and restaurants offer reservations for Christmas eve dinners,and department stores have prepared enough festive goods to satisfy customers’ shopping needs in China.


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