How to make year-end work summary PPT?

For the working people, with a PPT to do a year-end summary, is a how all around the “hole”.

Then how to reflect their own work results, and on the basis of leaving a deep impression on the boss, make a high-end atmosphere of the end of the year summary PPT?

1 powerpoint is done with the brain, not the mouse

The significance of the year-end summary lies in the summary and transmission of information. In layman’s terms, asking your boss to know what you did and didn’t do in the past year, and what you will do next year.

The key to a good summary is content and structure. I suggest you draw up an outline before making the PPT. Before writing the outline, please make the following “three clarifications” :

Make it clear who you want to report to — your immediate supervisor or big boss

Identify the information the object wants to get from it — previous results and shortcomings, and future prospects

Make it clear whether or not an oral presentation will be given — if so, control the length of the outline as appropriate

After clarifying the above three points, you can start writing the outline.

2 pay attention to the PPT format is also drunk

If you make a year-end review in the style of:

I’m sorry, but you’ve already lost at the starting line.

The end – of – the – year review style is best with concise and clear business style. In terms of color matching, the following are recommended:

Black, white and grey – classic of classics

Blue – million years is not wrong

Depth match – composed yet distinct

If your company has a common or proprietary “company color,” use it in your powerpoint presentation.

Choosing a suitable font is also very important, offer the following appropriate fonts, take no thanks!

3 text outline seconds to PPT directory is so fast

When you’re done with the outline, are you going to type it into the powerpoint line by line manually? Too slow!

It is recommended that you first make the outline in word and then save it in RTF format. When you open it again, select PowerPoint in open mode and all the directories will be in the PPT.

4. For the year-end review, keep it simple and keep the cover as flat as possible.

Less is more. It’s cool and simple.

You can also choose the appropriate image as the background. In order to highlight the cover text, you can choose to reduce the sharpness of the image or do black and white processing.

Since this is the end of the year, please indicate your name, department and position on the cover. If you are working in a foreign company or need to be bilingual, you can use lines to separate the Chinese and English to make it more design-conscious.

5. Add Logo to page after page? Don’t let people laugh at you for being unprofessional

Click “view — master — slide master” successively. In the “slide master” attempt, place the Logo in the appropriate position. Then go back to the normal view and you’ll see the fixed Logo on each page.

6 is too much information really good? Note the Magic Seven principle

Ms. A is the “hard working mother” in the company, and she finished the business very well this year. When doing the year-end review, she put all the achievements from January to December on A slide to highlight her achievements and make her boss clear at A glance…

All the questions the boss wants to ask are in the picture:

Please pay attention to the “Magic Seven principle” when making the PPT: five points are the best to convey in each slide.

7 write 200 words on a slide? Seriously, no one wants to see it

Which of the two slides would you focus on first?

As the saying goes, “use diagrams, not words.” If your job is administration, logistics, etc., without quantitative indicators, it is not convenient to make charts, how to break? The tip is to look for comparisons in your work. If you have comparisons, you have the potential to make charts.

And for the commonly used pie chart, line chart, bar chart…… Try to combine them to make your data shine.

Bosses love data and they love beautiful data

Why do all bosses love data? Because data is the most intuitive proof of what you can do. So instead of saying, “I’m doing excellent business this year,” show your boss the Numbers.


If the performance is not good, please use the watch — let the boss “feel out of his mind” for a while.

If your performance is good, use the chart — let the boss praise you “awesome” for the first time.


The same data, adjust the ordinate, give a different feeling, do you think the boss will like which picture?

9 pay attention to the readability of words say people say people say people!

If you write in the summary “I this year aggressive, strive for progress, very well completed the task assigned by the leadership”… Does it feel like you’ve traveled back in time to a decade or so ago, when you were in middle school and you wrote your application? This kind of “personal evaluation” statement, if not necessary, sorry, year-end review is not welcome.

So how to properly “compliment” yourself?

Turn “proactive” into: “actively participate in company training”, “actively cooperate with business docking”

Translate “work hard” into: “complete the project ahead of schedule” (with a comparison between the plan and reality)

In a word: have skill ground to say person words, speak dry goods, must not say useless talk, do not use formulaic words.

10. Put a perfect period on the summary and design the appropriate closing page

After the year-end review, the last question is, what kind of slide should I end up with?

One way to make sure you don’t make mistakes is to use a solid background plus “thank you” at the end

Tip: if you have a nice group photo in your hand, blur it out and put it on the last page with a thank-you note.

At the end of each year, consciously review the past work, and make a long-term development plan, to the profit and loss to make a summary and expectations, it is possible to go down the road in the future career. There are no formalistic tools, only formalistic people. Do you have a year-end review that your boss and you are happy with?

It’s so practical! Turn to! I hope everyone can make a good summary by the end of the year.


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