How to Design a Location Pin Icon in PPT

As humans, we need quick and easy methods to process complex information since nobody has a lot of time to read through and understand complicated concepts.

It helps you explain and process the most complex concepts quickly and easily, making them useful when designing presentations. It ACTS as a visual metaphor, providing the necessary explanation or description. The cool part is that it’s usually done as a single image.

Think about it: we all know that circles with diagonals show no. Similarly, the shopping cart or shopping bag on the site represents a list of items you want to purchase. And let’s not forget the very popular magnifying glass that indicates the search bar. All these popular images are just ICONS.

ICONS may seem small if used properly, but they have the most impact on your presentation. They are simple but most effective innovation tools to make your presentation look great!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use PowerPoint to create three different types of position pin ICONS.



 Design #1

The first design involves creating the basic structure of a location pin icon. For this:

  • Insert a Circle: Hollow shape by clicking on Insert> Shapes> Basic Shapes> Circle: Hollow. Adjust its size to make it as big or small as you want using the adjusting handles

Step #1- Insert a Circular Shape

  • Insert a triangular shape to your slide. For this go to the Insert tab and select Shapes> Basic Shapes> Triangle. Rotate this triangle by using the rotation handle located at the edges of the shape (see the screenshot below)

Step #2- Insert a Triangular Shape

  • Reposition both the shapes and place the triangle under the circular shape to create the pointed edge of the location pin icon. Then align both the shapes by clicking on Shape Format> Align> Align Center (see the screenshot below). Also, group both the shapes by selecting them and clicking on CNT + G command

Step #3- Reposition and Align the Shapes

  • To make the location pin icon more appealing add another circular shape and place it inside the donut shape. Resize this circle and align it properly just as shown in the screenshot below

Step #4- Insert a Circular Shape and Reposition

  • The basic structure of your location pin icon is now ready. Fill it with the color of your choice by clicking on the Shape Format tab and selecting Shape Fill. A dialog box with many color options appears in front of you. Select your desired color like we have chosen Yellow and apply it. Then remove the outline by clicking on Outline> No Outline as shown in the screenshot below

Step #5- Fill Color and Remove the Outline
Design #2

  • The second design is rather a very easy one to create. You just need to add a shadow to your selected shape and you are done. For this right click on the shape and select Format Shape> Shadow and select the preset of your choice. Here we have selected Perspective: Upper Right

Add a Shadow

Design #3

The last design may seem a bit complicated to create but not if you follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Insert a parallelogram. For this go to the Insert tab and select Parallelogram from the Shapes dialog box. Duplicate this shape 3 times by clicking on CNT + D command.

Insert a Parallelogram and Duplicate it

  • Next up is to add 3D rotation to your shape. For this select your shape, click on Shape Format> 3D Rotation> Presets> Parallel> Isometric: Right Up (see the screenshot below)

3D Rotation

  • Repeat the same step of adding 3D rotation to other parallelograms as well. However, choose different presets and parallel options (see the screenshot below). Each preset will give a different effect to the shape altogether so choose them wisely.

Add 3D Rotation to other shapes

  • The next step involves placing all these shapes in the form of a map as shown in the screenshot below and aligning them together. To align the shapes select all of the shapes and click on Shape Format> Align> Align Middle> Distribute Horizontally

Reposition and Align

  • This is an optional step but I would recommend following it to give an aesthetic appeal to your shape. For this, you have to select the shapes and group them together using CNT + G command. Right click on the grouped shapes, go to Format Picture> Shape Options> Fill> Texture or Picture Fill and select a picture saved. Once you have selected your desired picture click on Insert.

Insert a Picture

  • The last step involves placing the location pin icon over the map image that we have created. For your reference, we have placed three location pin icons and resized them (see the screenshot below).

Place the Location Pin icon


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